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Renew your tags by phone at 770-528-TAGS (8247)
A Georgia driver's license is required as personal identification
when you title or register or make other changes to your account. Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division uses the Georgia driver's license number as an account number so that all vehicles owned or leased by an individual can be consolidated in one account.

Drivers License Information
Contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services for drivers license information

Please note that vehicles new to the State and newly acquired vehicles must be registered within 30 days of the day you move to Georgia or the day you purchase the vehicle, respectively.

Out-of-state tags expire 30 days after you move to Georgia, regardless of the date shown on the tag. Only two exceptions: non-resident military personnel and full-time college students.

The Tax Commissioner is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and the collection of all registration fees, taxes and penalties specified by Georgia law. Ad valorem taxes, if due, are collected when the vehicle is registered.

The Motor Vehicle Title
Vehicle Registration Details (printable)
Ad Valorem Taxes
Renewal By Mail

  • Mail-It Check List

Office Locations

  • Convenience Drop

Insurance Requirements
Emission Requirements
Tag Helpline

  • Option 1 - Locations, directions, hours, contact information.
  • Option 2 - Detailed Registration Information.
  • Option 3 - Request a bill or pay by phone (System is subject to periods of non-availability at night and on weekends when the state database is offline for batch processing or for maintenance).
  • Option 4 - Tax, fee and billing information.
  • Option 5 - Request forms and information packets.
  • Option 6 - Speak to a representative about TAVT (New car tax law).

Disabled Person Parking Placard 

Motor Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions