Cobb County Tax Commissioners Office

Initial Registration Deadlines

All vehicle purchases from licensed dealers, leases and new residents must register their vehicle within 30 days with one exception. If you purchase your vehicle from an individual (not a dealer), you must register the vehicle within 7 business days or obtain a Temporary Operating Permit if the seller’s title is held by their lien holder.

The first step in the registration process is applying for a Georgia title in the buyer's/current owner's name. Once we process the title, we can issue a registration, decal and plate for the vehicle.

You can always apply for your tag online via Georgia DRIVES online e-Services.

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Initial Registration Deadlines

Annual Renewal Deadlines
Once registered, whether in Annual Ad Valorem Tax or TAVT, vehicles are renewed according to a 12-month staggered program. Vehicles may be renewed up to 90 days prior to the expiration date.

You can always renew your tag online via Georgia DRIVES online e-Services.

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For Individuals
The deadline is midnight on the birthday of the first person listed on the registration. For example, if a vehicle is titled and registered to John Doe and Jane Doe. John’s birthday sets the deadline for renewal.

Registration for leased vehicles must be renewed by the lessee's birthday (for individuals) or based on the lessee's business name.

All vehicles must be renewed annually in the county of the owner's principal residence. In the case of joint ownership, the primary residence for the owner who appears first on the registration.

For Businesses or Organizations
Registration must be renewed according to the first letter of the company or organization name, as shown on the title, in the county where the business is located.

The deadline is the end of the month based on the following alphabetical schedule:

A-B January  I-J  May  Q-R  September 
C-D February  K-L  June  S-T  October 
E-F  March  M-N  July  U-V-W  November 
G-H  April  O-P  August  X-Y-Z  December 

Late Fees

If you are late renewing, you will be charged 25% of your tag fee and 10% of the taxes (for annual ad valorem). You can always pay only your taxes. We do not charge you late fees so long as you pay your taxes on time!