Cobb County Tax Commissioners Office

Disabled Placards

Disabled placards are available to anyone who is permanently or temporarily disabled. Each person may have only one disabled placard at a time. However, you can place that placard in any vehicle you are driving/riding in. 
Your doctor must complete an affidavit or submit a valid prescription for you to apply for either type of placard. 
To renew or replace your placard, visit one of our motor vehicle offices, or complete the affidavit (or prescription) and include a copy of your driver's license. 
Permanent placards are blue and issued for four years. If you are permanently disabled, you can also apply for a disabled person plate for each vehicle you own. These plates do not need any affidavit to renew but are renewed each year as any registration is renewed. 
Temporary placards are red and issued for six months, or other term as deemed appropriate by your physician.